I make pictures as a way to bring to life all the fantasies and stories stuck in my head since childhood. These stories are usually filled with mythical creatures, monsters, warriors and heroes which have been ingrained in my imagination through my early inspirations. My major early inspirations are mostly animals both real and imagined from dinosaurs and dragons to tigers and wolves. My goal through my work is to help the viewer get the same sense of wonder and immersion I get while creating it. As much as my work can be serious and fantastical, I also enjoy making humorous scenarios that also take me back to being a kid.

My Process usually starts with sketching ideas straight out of my head until I get a dynamic composition that best illustrates the story I’m trying to tell. I then start researching for reference to help me best get the results I need and this includes: building maquettes, photographing live models with props and images from the internet. With my scene built up, I now draw the final composition and then transfer it to my final painting surface. I work in Graphite with digital color, Oils and watercolors.


Paizo Inc. (Pathfinder Society Scenario) & Pawns


Strange Horizons Magazine

IDW Publishing

Dead in the West RPG game


Infected by Art Vol. 5, Vol. 6 and Vol. 7

2016 Society of Illustrators Comic and Cartoon Annual Show

Creative Quarterly 53


2016  Montclair State University - The Department of Art and Design Excellence in Animation/Illustration Award